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“You brought so much fun and laughter to our guests that we don’t know why we even booked other Emcees in the past!” – Amgen

singapore's most engaging female emcee

Why Book Emcee Sylvia?

Here are some reasons why you should be booking Emcee Sylvia Tham for your next corporate event.


Emcee Sylvia’s years of experience in the industry has made it so natural for her to come up with quick responses to situations on stage. Her cheerful nature and professional character brings the event together even before it starts!


TK never fails to deliver. It is important to ensure that your talents deliver what they promise, including turning up on time for your show! You will never have to worry about this with Sylvia as your female Emcee.


All of Emcee Sylvia’s games on stage are extremely engaging. She is quick to read the crowd, and knows when to engage someone off stage, and when to go back on stage to interact with the entire group.

Easy To Work With

Many talents are difficult to work with, especially those who have accumulated years of experience. Not Sylvia! She is the friendliest, most reliable female Emcee in Singapore that you can find!

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