Commonly Missed Event Planning Checklist Details

businessman hand gestureManaging a corporate event seems like a breeze when you have a highly trained and experienced event manager on your team. However, even the most experienced event organizer can get pretty wrapped up in the planning that they end up forgetting a crucial detail. This can be terrible especially if the event is a big corporate event that you don’t want to mess up. The following is a comprehensive event management checklist to ensure this doesn’t happen:

1. Consider your Attendees

You must first consider the number of people likely to attend the event. Having an exact number may be impossible but you can have an estimate. For a corporate team building event, you want to be thinking along the lines of the number of teams instead of the number of people. This helps to get a more accurate quote from the team building games provider.

2. Demographic

What is the average age range of the attendees? What is their dominant gender? What about their culture? All these are important questions you need to ask when planning an event so that you may have suitable activities to encourage more people to attend and have fun.

3. Food

Food is often the centerpiece of any social function. When organizing the perfect event, you must get everything about the food right. First, you need to ensure that all attendees can eat at the event. Find out their drink and food preferences and allergies beforehand so that you may come up with a menu that pleases everyone. If alcohol will be served at the event, make sure you have a license. Laws differ by state and country so make sure you find out what you need to do long before the event.

4. Logistics

In the few days leading up to your event, some aspects of your event may change, such as the speaker title or even a session title. As such, you need to have one central place for managing the event schedule to ensure every small change is implemented across the board.

5. Capacity

Make sure the place you plan to hold your event has enough space to hold all the attendees comfortably. You can use event apps that help you set capacity limits for different events.

male hand hitchhiking sign6. Permits

You may need to get some permits especially if you are having a big corporate event. For instance, you need a music permit if you plan to play any music at the event. You can’t just play music from your phone or Spotify because it is illegal. If you have artists performing, you will be required to have a permit for that too.

7. Liability

You never know what will happen at your event. There could be a small accident that leads to injuries to attendees or your staff. In any case, you need to check with the venue regarding their liability procedures in case of anything.

8. Name Badges

At corporate events, you may need name tags for everyone including the staff and attendees. Ensure you get the correct details of the attendees and staff beforehand so that you can have the name tags ready.

9. Day of Breakdown

The day of your event should be planned perfectly. Every minute needs to be accounted for in the Day-of breakdown. Event planners should have their own schedule with important day-of details to ensure everything goes according to plan. The breakdown should be shared with all staff, vendors, speakers, and volunteers to ensure every member of staff knows exactly what they should be doing.

10. Communication with Speakers

First, you need to ensure you have a lineup of great speakers. A corporate event is nothing without a great speaker to deliver their message in a clear, profound and entertaining way. Before the event, make sure you double check the speakers’ name spellings, bios, and other important details.

11. Communication with Vendors

You will never have a successful event if you are not on the same page with all the vendors. You don’t want your sound provider arriving late to your event or the food provider taking too long to prepare lunch. Iron out all important issues with all the vendors long before the event.

12. Communication with Attendees

You need to keep attendees in the loop about all aspects of the event. Offer clear channels of communication in case the attendees have any queries. You can take advantage of modern technology, such as event planning apps, to make communication with attendees easier.

woman writing while on the phone13. Internal Communication

You will need an exclusive means to communicate with everyone tasked with ensuring the event is a success. Whether you decide to use walkie talkies, cell phones, or private group chat, make sure the whole team is connected and on the same page. Do a test the day before the event to ensure everyone can receive and respond to the messages.

14. Communication with Sponsors

If you have sponsors for your event, you need to keep them in the loop about everything. Whichever communications tools you offer the sponsors, don’t forget to send them a detailed guideline before the event. This will save you from spending too much time answering their questions during the event.

15. Digital Connections

In the modern world, everyone is always on their phone. To keep attendees happy, consider providing charging options at the event. If there’s Wi-Fi, get the password beforehand from the venue coordinator and ensure you share the information with everyone at the event. You can have hashtags for the event to give attendees and other interested people a way to know what’s going on at the event in real time. The best way to ensure the success of your corporate team building event is to hire an experienced event manager to take care of everything. At GetOutEvents, we have experience and expertise in the management of team building events in Singapore. Our experience working with close to 1000 companies gives us an edge when it comes to understanding and predicting the questions and challenges you may face. We have experienced event coordinators to provide the right advice, especially regarding the budget to ensure you get maximum value for your money.

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