Alternative Spots to Work Remotely

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 1

The pandemic situation in Singapore is getting better. However, even as quarantine measures are relaxed, it might not mean you are going back to an office. Many companies have taken this chance to become remote-flexible, and office spaces could become an overhead yours want to get rid of. If you are one of those who can’t seem to work at home, here are five places you can consider settling in for increased productivity.

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 2

If you don’t need to make phone calls, libraries are a great place to get serious work done. There are lots of tables, and free WiFi is the norm. You’ll also benefit from printing services and research computers. Singapore is also relatively safe, so you don’t have to worry about your stuff going missing when you pop up for a quick break. The only downside is that you can’t have your cup of coffee in here. Instead, use this as an excuse to walk around the mall periodically. If public libraries get too noisy, consider hopping over to the one in your alma mater.

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 3

Many student unions have plenty of open spaces and tables for work and casual meetings with colleagues or clients. The areas are also more conducive for working than most other public places. Most importantly, because they cater to students, these campuses have no shortage of power sockets for your laptop. The areas are also meant for prolonged use, so you don’t have to worry about seat hogging like you would in a Starbucks, for example.

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 4

Many museums offer free WiFi to visitors. However, as always with all public internet connections, be cautious of the kind of work you do while using the WiFi. It’s not ideal for downloading or uploading large files. Checking important, personal accounts might be too risky, so leave those for a secure connection. While you usually have to pay for entry, many museums offer free admission on select days of the month. This makes them optimal options for working remotely. The best part? When you want to take a mental break, you can stroll through the galleries to clear your head and stretch your legs.

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 5

Hotel lobbies are comfortable, and there’s usually excellent WiFi. If you need to print or fax, there’s usually a business center where you can take care of those tasks, too. If you plan on working out of hotel lobbies regularly, make sure to rotate, or the staff might catch on. Or you can go to the bar/cafe area that most hotels have. If the idea of pulling out your laptop and doing work in front of the bartender gives you anxiety, purchase a drink and kindly ask for the password. These areas are also usually emptier, especially during the day when hotel patrons are out and about exploring, making it the perfect spot for phone calls.

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 6

Okay, so you might not be able to work on your laptop at a botanical garden if you need an internet connection. But, it is an optimal place for when you need to be at your most creative self. When you’re surrounded by nature and able to slow down to absorb your surroundings, your creativity levels go up. A botanical garden is an excellent place for you to take notes by hand, read any paperwork you’ve been putting off, or brainstorm, and reflect on your career goals. Yes — that’s all work! If you have to take a casual meeting, this is also a great place to suggest that it isn’t a coffee shop.

Alternative Spots to Work Remotely 7

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