11 Qualities of a Good Team Player

For any team to succeed, each and every team member should take positive action to drive the team forward. So what makes a good team player? To answer this question, here are eleven qualities of a good team player.

Genuinely committed to the team

basketball players committed to the teamA good team player shows a strong commitment to the team. They show up on time, care about their work and the team’s work. They strive for excellence and give 120% to the cause and want other team members to do the same. If any team member needs any help, a good team member is always willing to provide their support.

He or she is focused on the team’s success and not just their own success. They put the teams’ objectives first and take the initiative to get things done. They have an understanding of their role on the team and how it affects the performance of the team.

Cooperative and embraces collaboration

A good team player embraces collaboration. You do not have to be a people person to collaborate with other people. All you need is a team spirit and a mindset that strongly believes and acknowledges that two heads are better than one.

For example, if a good team player notices that their skills and those of someone else compliment each other, they will seek to collaborate with that person for effective performance so that they can achieve the best results.
Effective team players are also cooperative and try not to let a difference in opinion get in the way of their contribution to the team.

Highly flexible

Effective team players can adapt to whatever situation is thrown at them. They do not run away when they see a challenge, instead, they embrace it and take it head on, often without showing any signs of pressure or stress.
They do not complain in case of change. Instead, they find ways to adapt to the situation and move on.

Conflict is inevitable at some point on any kind of team, but it doesn’t have to turn into a war zone. When the need arises, a good team player will compromise if they have to. They are not rigid and understand that the team cannot make any progress if everyone is not on the same page.

Communicate honestly and openly

business people communicating openlyGreat team players communicate honestly and openly, they are not afraid to put their idea across. They are open to sharing information and knowledge with other team players.

One of the most irritating traits of someone who is not a team player is that they always keep important information to themselves. They practice quiet politeness and do not feel the need to speak up about the mistakes they notice which sometimes has serious consequences on the success or progress of the team.

Always positive

A good team player is someone who always drives positivity in the team. They are ever encouraging and optimistic. In their mind’s eye, nothing is impossible. Where others see failure, they see opportunity.

They display genuine passion towards creating a positive environment that can allow individuals to thrive and the whole team to succeed. They are enthusiastic about their work. In fact, their positivity is infectious and it often rubs off on other people.


An excellent team player can always be relied on to complete tasks. They are responsible, organized, keep their word, and consistently provide quality work. They are also reputable go-getters who always deliver exceptional results on whatever task they take on.

And you can count on them all day every day, and they will deliver every single time. In case another team member asks for help, they respond to the request with open arms and take the initiative to offer the best that they can.

An active participant in the team

A good team player does not just sit back and go with the flow. They are involved in whatever decisions the team makes. They contribute constructively to the team. They are people you will find taking an extra initiative to get things going.

A good team player will speak up when required to contribute to a discussion and they are fully engaged in team activities.

Is a problem solver

businessmen solving problemsGood team players are great problem solvers who are always coming up with creative ideas to break through any walls that the team may encounter. They are always thinking about what contributions to make to help the team succeed. They care about the progress of the team and make that their priority.

Recognizes when they are wrong

A good team member is not afraid to take responsibility when they are wrong about something. When criticized, they do not act defensively but are open to constructive criticism. They show understanding and do not dwell on mistakes but work towards progress.


Good team players are confident. They initiate meaningful dialogue on the team. They are not afraid to step up and do not shy away from leadership in case the opportunity presents its self. However, confidence should not be confused with arrogance. A good team player is confident in their thoughts and ideas but they are also open to what other team members have to offer.

Being confident also involves being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. A good team player will let their strengths shine through, but where they may be lacking, They are able to let someone else more capable take the reigns. They understand that this doesn’t make them weaker but makes them an effective team player.


Good team players are respectful of other people’s opinions. They are active listeners who are able to listen to other people’s ideas without debating each viewpoint that is put across. They have the discipline to listen attentively at what someone else is saying, understand it, and take it into consideration. They do not interrupt other members while they are talking and avoid unnecessary and unproductive debates or arguments during team discussions.


Everyone on a team is different and each individual has something unique they can contribute. So team members should embrace diversity and welcome opinions that may be different from their own.

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