10 Best Dinner and Dance Games

Dinner and dance games are ice breakers that are often used to bring people together at parties. The dinner ice breakers are typically held in the evening after everyone has arrived at the party.

The games can be fun and achieve great results. This is because it gives people time to chat with one another by getting to know each other’s names, what they do for a living, where they came from, etc.

10 Best Dinner and Dance Games 1

Best Dinner and Dance Games

Dinner and dance games are a fun way to get everyone involved in the festivities of your big night. They’re also a great way to keep guests entertained and occupied when they’re waiting for their meal (especially if you’re hosting a buffet). These will leave your guests laughing and talking about what happened long after the party is over! 

Here are some of our favorite dinner and dance games that we highly recommend trying out at your next event:

Telephone Pictionary

What better way to get your guests involved in a dinner and dance game than with a classic phone-style party game? In this game, you’ll need at least three teams (one for each round), pencils, and paper. In the first round, everyone begins drawing what is whispered in their ear by the person next to them. Once each game is finished, each team gets a chance to guess the word on everyone’s paper. The team with the correct guesses wins!

Diva Says…

In this game, one player will step up to the front of the room and play a song on an instrument. The person playing the music will then have to follow up their performance with a dance number of some sort.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is one that you’ll need to ask your guests to take part in beforehand. First, have each guest write down two truths and one lie about themselves. Then, place all of the slips of paper in a jar and mix it up before time runs out to play this game. Once you’re ready to play, have one person from each team pick a slip of paper (without looking at the front side).

Once all of the slips have been picked, each team gets a chance to ask their designated player as many questions as they can to figure out what two facts on that slip of paper are lies and which is the lie. The first person to correctly guess wins for their team.

Movie Theme Song Trivia

This game is one of the most popular dinners and dance games out there! Everyone will need to bring their smartphones or music players to play this game. At the beginning of the night, each guest (or team) writes down three theme songs from different movies (please make sure you get everyone’s permission first!) and saves them as a playlist on their music player of choice.

Once everyone is ready, each guest will need to pick a song from the list on their music player and play it. The first person to guess what movie that theme song belongs to correctly wins! To make this game even more interesting, give out prizes for the best theme song guesses.

10 Best Dinner and Dance Games 2

Last Letter Guessing Game

This is a fun game that is most popular at weddings and other formal events. In this game, each guest is given two pieces of paper and told to write down nine letters (like they’re making up a word) on each piece of paper without letting the other team member see what they’ve written. Once this is done, each guest will give one piece of paper to their teammate, and the person who has received both pieces of paper will need to try and guess an actual word using all nine letters.

Picture Dessert Contest

Everyone will work together to create a story from a picture displayed on a large screen or projector in the center of the room. This task may sound difficult at first, but almost anyone can do it! The teams are allowed two minutes to sketch out their idea of what happens next based on the colors and symbols used by the artists.

After every detail has been decided upon, you’ll hear your guests shout out all at once “STOP,” and the drawing will be revealed to everyone else. After you have an idea of what your guests are thinking, it’s time to vote! The team that has created the most accurate story wins!

Human Chain Song

This game requires a lot of teamwork, but it makes for one memorable match! Set up chairs in a circle (or any shape, really) and send each guest out with either a balloon or two pieces of paper. Once everyone is seated, play some music and instruct your guests to pass their items around based on specific rules (e.g., passing the balloon using your right hand, passing papers using only your left hand). This game can get pretty chaotic (in an exciting way!), so if your guests are all up for the challenge, it should be a lot of fun!

Dinner Quiz

This game is perfect if you’re looking for something to do over dinner. Before the food gets served, everyone will need to guess what meat or fish their entrée consists of based on clues from the other guests at the table. After time has run out, each guest will have one chance to tell everyone what they ate and which clues led them down that path.

The first two people to correctly guess what food it won! This game can also become more difficult based on how much information your guests give each other! You may want to mention that there are no wrong answers in this game! Just a way to see how well your guests know each other.

Trivia With a Twist

This is the perfect game for trivia lovers out there! No one will need to go home empty-handed in this game because everyone can receive prizes at the end of it all! All you’ll need for this game is a stack of trivia questions (you can find these in magazines and on little cards around town), some sticky notes and pens, and one big table.

Once you’re ready, divide your guests into teams and give them 4~5 minutes to write down their best guess for each question on their sticky note before sticking it onto the wall. When every team has answered the questions, each guest can guess what their teammates wrote down. Whichever team gets the most questions right wins!

Limbo Rock

This classic dance game is always fun to play, especially if you’re looking for some easy entertainment that doesn’t involve too much preparation or money. In this game, you’ll need a long stick (or something similar) and a CD player with some reggae music to keep everyone going strong! Instruct your guests in holding the stick over their heads without making any sound as they try to walk through it. You might want to give them a time limit, so things don’t go on for too long! The first person who successfully makes it through the stack without knocking it down wins!

There are so many fantastic dinner and dance games out there, but these games are some of the most popular ones in recent years! With so many options up for grabs, you can’t go wrong with any of them! So don’t hold back when trying out this new activity at your next gathering ~ or why not try them all?